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Reserve the Confucius Institute Mobile Unit for your school or organization at: Costs are below:
Item Name Price
Price Per Mile (Origin Bowling Green, KY) $2.50
3 hours or less $250.00
Full Day $400.00
More than 1 Day Please Call

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@HardinCoSchools Nov 20, 23:37

#EastHardinMiddleSchool students enrolled in Chinese class performed at @ShopTowneMall today for American Education…

@kyfolklife Nov 16, 17:43

Do you like pita? Well, join us today at 4:30 PM at the @WKUConfucius Kitchen for a Bosnian Pita Demo by mother-dau…

@SCCommunityEd Oct 28, 17:56

Simpson County Schools, Community Education, Confucius Chinese Cooking class today.@FS_Schools @WKUConfucius

@SCCommunityEd Oct 26, 02:43

Simpson County Schools-Beasley House for International and Community Education. @SCCommunityEd @FS_Schools

@wkuherald Oct 19, 02:41

Hosted by .@pengyousatwku , .@WKUConfucius and other groups, it will celebrate with food, games and displays.

@WKUConfucius Oct 04, 23:07

CI@WKU 2017 Bowling Green International Festival

@AroundLou Sep 03, 18:59

Great opportunity for children and families to learn together at the @WKUConfucius booth up on the #WorldFest ramp.

@AroundLou Sep 02, 21:56

Our wonderful #WorldFest sponsor, @WKUConfucius is showcasing Chinese crafts & games with many of our attendees! St…

@AroundLou Aug 31, 06:44

Can't wait to check out the @WKUConfucius mobile unit & children's activities offered at #WorldFest on Saturday & S…

@WKUConfucius Aug 21, 20:19

5 minutes and counting!! #kentuckyindarkness

@CIUSCenter Aug 21, 16:04

#Eclipse2017 is a cause for celebration at @WKUConfucius! They're distributing thousands of free viewing glasses

@wku Aug 18, 20:32

View from the Hill – Solar Eclipse Plans at WKU

@RichPondElement Aug 18, 20:24

Thankful to @WKUConfucius for the Solar Eclipse 2017 eyewear so that we don't have to put a box on our heads. Make…

@WKUConfucius Aug 18, 03:01

President @caboni welcomed 56 @WKUConfucius Chinese teachers who are in 47 schools, 22 districts, reaching over 19,…

@SouthWarrenMS Aug 17, 17:32

Solar viewers are going home with students today. A big thank you to @WKUConfucius for providing the viewers for ou…

@WEHS2014 Aug 17, 17:32

Thank you @WKUConfucius for the awesome Eclipse viewers! Now WE can look safely at this moment in history!…

@SouthWarrenHigh Aug 17, 17:31

Eclipse viewers, compliments of @WKUConfucius, are going home with students today!

@jkupchella Aug 17, 16:04

Special thanks to @WKUConfucius for providing solar eclipse viewers for all of our students and staff!

@JresRockets Aug 15, 14:40

Reminder, no school Monday, August 21. Eclipse viewers will be sent home on Fri. Thank you WKU @WKUConfucius for providing these viewers!

@LHA_WCPS Aug 13, 03:22

Thank you to @WKUConfucius for the solar eclipse viewing glasses.

@WKUConfucius Aug 12, 19:33

WorldFest 2017 via @YouTube

@WKUConfucius Aug 05, 04:44

The Confucius Institute at WKU hosted Anchored Christian School faculty at both the Chinese Learning Center in...

@WKUConfucius Jul 22, 00:22

SLIDE SHOW: Confucius Institute's Fans of Chinese Day Camp

@CIUSCenter Jul 08, 17:23

New @wku President Tim Caboni (@caboni) reaffirms support for @WKUConfucius . We like your bow tie and your validation of global education!

History of the CI Mobile

According to the U.S. Census Bureau (, the population in Kentucky is 4,380,415, and the reality is that Kentucky is a very rural state. The state contains over 120 counties, 174 school districts, 1,233 public school systems (excluding private schools), and with over 647,827 students enrolled, it has so many possibilities for further promotion of our program. The problem is that the further away from WKU we market our program, the less individuals in the state know about WKU, let alone the CI program. The solution, let's bring the Confucius Institute at WKU to those areas that may not know about our program, so that they can get a visual, hands on experience of our program.

Unvieled in September 2013, the mibile unit has visit over 200 sites, has traveled over 7,000 miles (equivalent to a one-way trip from Bowling Green to China), and more than 30,000 individuals have visited the unit.

The fundamental purpose of the mobile unit satisfies two different, but important areas of our program. The first piece is the marketing and publicity of our program. We live in a world in which marketing is all around us (Facebook, Twitter, newspaper, radio, TV, etc.), and it is presented in a myriad of ways (i.e. mobile devices, computer, etc.); however, there is no, one single outlet that reaches throughout the entire state (as it relates to promoting the Chinese language and culture). As this RV is transported throughout the state, it is not only a visually stunning vehicle, but it is just the type of innovative and hands-on tool that will engage potential students and communities around Kentucky. As we travel to the various towns throughout Kentucky, the RV will leave a lasting impression on these individuals one way or the other.

The second piece is the recruitment of additional districts into our program. As stated earlier, as we travel further away from WKU's home base, many individuals have not either heard of the Confucius Institute, or know very little about
it. As we visit these areas, and explain our program, it is very hard for many of the school districts to gauge student interest, and community interest. Thus, once we leave the mobile at these interested sites for a couple of days, the students visit the RV on the school site, the districts have a better understanding of whether the program is something that their educational system is equipped and ready to participate.